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JuiceSSH and Pi authentication problems

Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:25 pm

Hello all,
I'm having problems on my Android phone to connect to my Pi. I'm using JuiceSSH I've been using it for ages. It works perfect to connect to other systems.
I can connect through SSH from my linux laptop to the Pi with the same username and password I'm trying on my phone.

Now I'm not a complete noob in networking and SSH etc. So I know it's the right host etc.
I notice 1 difference in the 2:
My laptop says

Code: Select all

Authentications that can continue: publickey, password
On my phone that line says:

Code: Select all

 Authentications that can continue: publickey, keyboard-intercative, password
the rest of the screen outputs the following:

Code: Select all

 Next authentication method: publickey
 Athentications that can continue: passwords
 Next authentication method: password
 Disconnecting from 192.168.xx.xx port xx
xx is censored for now.. ;)

And then it prompts for the password (which I added to the identity in JuiceSSH So it doesn't work..) and it is an endless loop, 'cause it won't accept the right password (the one that it should be and works on the laptop).

And on the laptop it does quite the same though it actually works..

I can also use JuiceSSH to connect to other systems even through my router with port forwarding etc. So what can I do about this?

Thanks in advance!

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