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Re: Cheep Case Ideas

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:40 am
by mp09aap
I’ve been looking through the current information and it appears there isn’t a case or outer shell for the raspberry pi. I have been thinking and taking inspiration from my portable external hard drive the best idea for raspberry pi is a standardised 2 part injection moulded case with holes in the side for the connectors. the logo on a slight recess on top around 0.5mm deep. best colour being matt black. The board its self to be supported around the edge of the case and the case its self being pulled together by a screw in each corner. I’m sure if in quantities of 10,000+ cost for the complete case would be less than £1 ea most likely less than 50p having a quick look online. This is vital component to make it a success.

What do you think?

Re: Cheep Case Ideas

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:11 am
by Jessie
This has been discussed in detail for a while now.  In order to make an order for something like 10k cases you will have to pay $4000 to $8000 for a mold or set of molds to be made.  There is also a couple forum members that have their case designs submitted to and you can already order them, however they are a tad pricy because they use 3d printing and are made one at a time.

Anyway, this discussion is ongoing here:

Which was also linked in this post: That is sticky at the very top of this section of the forums.  In-order to reduce duplicate threads I am locking this one, I encourage you to read that first link and continue your discussion there.