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omxplayer feature requests?

Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:35 pm

I don't know if anybody's queueing requests up anywhere or if there are even any plans for another version. A few I'd like to see are:

A keystroke (or maybe an rc/ini file option) to make the framebuffer/window sized to the native size of the video playing instead of full screen. If you're watching a small format video it mostly looks worse blown up full screen. I've come up with a few scripts like
omxplayer -o alsa:hw:1,0 --win 896,112,1920,880 $1
but that's a one size fits all approach because I wanted to be able to see my taskbar. The aspect ratio can't change when I go from a 4:3 to a 16:9, etc.

Screenshots, I think my favorite approach would be like smplayer's where they end up in a certain directory, all autonumbered so they don't clobber each other. If a thread running on the cpu could snag a snapshot of the framebuffer then it could use whatever normal graphics libraries to write it out as the video is playing.

Framebuffers make me uneasy, it seems like they could be done in an X window with normal decorations, and be draggable. Have an option to coordinate it somewhat with the pager so it doesn't appear on all desktops. Optionally freeze the video when you switch to a different desktop. But I just got stuck in a video because I started it from an rxvt window then the video popped up on top of the terminal, once the focus was shifted away from the terminal there was no way to get it back there. I had absolutely no control, I had to open another terminal and kill the process. Keystrokes like escape to stop omxplayer were going somewhere else.

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