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Limiting hardware speeds for camera capture and write

Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:00 am


I am a new Raspberry Pi user, but am diving in quite quickly to accomplish something advanced.

I am trying to determine what the limiting factor is for capturing still images (.jpg or .raw) and writing them to memory. Is the limiting factor for capturing images the processor speed, the SD bus write speed, or if I write to a USB stick will that be faster or limiting?

My goal is to capture high resolution images in .jpg but preferably .raw, and do this as fast as the hardware allows continuously. The advertised frame capture of the v.2 camera is 15 fps which I understand is not necessarily the speed that you can actually utilize but rather the 'refresh' rate of the sensor.

I have read a lot about SD card speeds, benchmarks, but have not found anything that addresses the camera module and the limitations on speed from hardware.

If anyone has insight into this I would appreciate the help. Alternatively if there is something somebody knows of that is already posted in the forums, please drop a link.


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