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I am afraid to overclock. I have RetroPie and after recently getting some new N64 controllers, decided to play good old Mario Kart 64. When playing with four players or when playing more hardware intensive games, I noticed really bad frame drops, making the game unplayable most of the time. There's an official RetroPie article on optimizing for N64 (https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Se ... intendo-64) and it recommended that I overclock. I was wondering, will it kill my Raspberry Pi or harm it to have the following settings?
I was also wondering if changing the CPU-Governor to performance mode will harm or screw up my Raspberry Pi. Because technology dies when I touch it I've been working very hard to get my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to work and I've actually been able to have it function for a whole month so I don't want to mess it up now so overclocking just freaks me out a little.
EDIT: I have two heatsinks and I'm 99% sure they're using the thermal adhesive stuff. I also have one of the recommended power supplies that's listed on the link in my post (I think that's the right link...). I'm considering purchasing a fan and thanks for the suggestion to copy my setup onto a backup card because I'll most likely do it.
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Re: Overclocking...

Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:30 am

What are your current cooling arrangements?

Are you monitoring the the temps and frequencies during the slowdown?
I use this tool in a separate window: https://github.com/MilhouseVH/bcmstat/b ... bcmstat.sh

It could be throttling back, which might drop the frequency down to 600MHz.

A sensible overclock will not damage the Pi. It may fail to boot or crash, in which case back out the overclock settings in config.txt and it should return to normal.

Always fix the cooling first.

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Re: Overclocking...

Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:44 am

Cool it, they do get hot and are know to throttle (as they should) when they get there, hence reducing the speed.
It shouldn't cost a lot for a simple heatsink and quality thermal compound adhesive strip, also it doesn't harm the Pi :-)

Overclocking on the Pi3 is a step by step process, not just a bang it in as all Pi, cooling and room temperatures vary.

Ignore the Performance governour, at least for now. iirc it just keeps it higher for longer making it hotter even when the processor isn't needed at that level.

Then run though trying your overclocking setup bit by bit.
You may want to get another SD card, clone your setup and then play with that.
You hit SHIFT during boot if it doesn't boot, you can then edit config.sys

Oddly I was reading nice link (poorly written but easy enough to follow) for a method to get your overclock right. Shame I cannot find the link :-(
But follow the RetroPie Overclocking wiki. it's linked from your page)
Have fun and you always have that other card to fall back to should you need it.

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Re: Overclocking...

Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:48 am

you might want to read those clever words on overclocking:

https://gunkrist79.wixsite.com/amibian/ ... berry-pi-3
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