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Create a DVR with raspberry pi?

Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:00 am

Hi and Hello,

My name is Jacob, I am a technology enthusiasts.

My prkmary study is aerodynamics and engineering however I have ebeen working slowly towards computer software.

What I came here to ask: Is it possible to installva simple OS like TinyCore into Raspberry Pi and then install a FFMPEG package which can then act as a dvr by taking in a/v composite input andcopying the footage seen by the computer?

Such devices exist for windows products, something like composite a/v to windows usb, the computer of course would use some kind of software to record basically the screen. That's not what I'm after. I basically want a dedicated raspberry pi computer that has two buttons and an a/v input. The two buttons or rather one, is simply an on and off switch to start recording.

Based on what I have posted, is it possible? And please understand that my knowledge on the subject is limited.

Thank you

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Re: Create a DVR with raspberry pi?

Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:49 pm

The RPi does not have a composite video (CVBS) input. Seems a lot of people would like one. And the rumours are that the BCM2835 SoC does have the A/V input, as well as the output, but the input hasn't been implemented on the RPi board. Folk are suggesting that a USB capture device is used, but it seems a shame to waste the internal BCM2835 hardware H.264 encoding, only to duplicate it externally. You could attach a digital camera to the camera port, but not an analogue AV one, or analogue video. It's probably been left off for cost reasons, in the assumption that it wouldn't be a popular feature. The rest of your requirements (capabilities, encoding, etc) are there, in essence, including your buttons (GPIO ports).

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Re: Create a DVR with raspberry pi?

Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:08 pm

You could use any USB capture device (not only those with integrated h.264 encoder ,
yes that would be useless) , but you would have to do a healthy amount of programming.
Including juggling with the OpenMAX API which is strangely very unknown in the
FlOSS ecosytem , and heavy debugging.

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Re: Create a DVR with raspberry pi?

Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:19 pm

Thank you guys for the responses. I suppose in one case, the A/V out could be used for an external LCD TV monitor with an A/V in.

Since the RPi is so small, I personally would like to have my very own personal computer that is never connected to the web but it is small like my Android phone (Samsung Infuse 4G) something that you hold with both hands like a Gameboy

Still I have yet to fully understand the purpose of the RPi's for one I wouldn't see myself editing video on such a computer but they could be used as cheap autopiloting guidance systems I would think. Using a simple program like "follow the light" the computer can process this and for 25$ a pop... man!

I personally have a project which I would like to implement RPi's as "brains" for moving robots.

Anyway that is off topic. To explain my purpose, the video transmitters that we use are built to send analogue signal, so the cameras themselves are usually analogue as well. Even so with a Go Pro which has a Live out function, this signal transmitted will still inevitably become Analogue until they upgrade the transmitters... something about bigger bandwith capability

Thank you guys again for your time.
Very much obliged

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