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DIY electronics lovers - we need your help

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:02 pm
by flatmax
Hey there,

We really need some help pushing our awesome PCB quick connect clip over the line. This is a fantastic tool for all DIY electronic lovers and students ! It makes prototyping and interfacing electronics so quick and easy ... and that is why we want to bring it to life...

The kickstarter project is teetering on failure ... unless we get a little momentum and traffic. The kickstarter project is here : ... ef=piforum

If you look at kicktraq, as of today it's projection suggests we have a chance, but only a small chance of getting over the line ... ... projection

If you think this project is worth while bringing to life, then please back it !
It you can't back it but want to help bring it to life then please share the project with your DIY communities ...
Here are some links to help you help the project :
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thank you