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TCF Agent

Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:49 pm


I am stepping thru this link and run into a dead end.
I have annotated the following steps

# (Replace n.n.n.n by the actual IP address that you read)
ssh pi@n.n.n.n / password : raspberry
sudo apt-get update # (Need to update the Raspbian update caches to get git)
sudo apt-get install git uuid uuid-dev libssl-dev
git clone git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/tcf/org.eclipse.tcf.agent.git

OK this clones lots of "agent " stuff - works fine so far
cd org.eclipse.tcf.agent/agent

Move to created directory - work s
cp –R machine/arm machine/armv6l

Copy from /arm to NON-EXISTENT / armv61

I AM stuck here

1. WHY cp ?
2. What is "armv61", where did it come from?

# In case you don't have libcrypt / libssl, you can also make NO_SSL=1 NO_UUID=1
obj/GNU/Linux/armv6l/Debug/agent –S

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