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Pi4J - Download package JAR wiringPi

Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:14 pm

i want to use the JAR file of the package


but i can't find the JAR file on the website.
I'm developing from computer and not from Raspberry Pi.

Can someone send to me the instructions to find the package?

For example i can't compile this from PC ... i/

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Re: Pi4J - Download package JAR wiringPi

Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:42 pm


1.) Pi4J JARs are available in the Maven Central repository for all release versions:

2.) Pi4J JARs are available in the Sonatype OSS repository for all release versions as well as all SNAPSHOT builds: ... /com/pi4j/

3.) All Pi4J JARs are included in the downloadable ZIP archives via the site:

Please note .. if you are running a kernel version 4.8 or newer, make sure to use the Pi4J 1.2-SNAPSHOT builds. Pi4J 1.1 is not compatible with the latest kernel. (

Thanks, Robert
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