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Problems with PiClock

Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:32 pm

Hi everybody, so happy I found this forum. I’ve had this pi for about a year now and so far have installed Raspbian, retropie, took an online course to learn Python, installed a semi-working motion detection camera using ‘motion’, PiHole, and got a semi working ‘Alexa’ which would have worked better if I had a decent microphone.

Right now, I am trying to get PiClock to work properly. I have followed all of the instructions online to a ‘T’. I fear that there may be a setting in Raspbian that is off since this isn’t a fresh install like the manual calls for. The problem I’m having is that it will not display the 5 day weather forecast on the right side. I double and triple checked the API key and even reset it. The radar weather map with the ‘WU’ icon DOES appear and update. From what I understand, that indicates that the WU API key IS working. That is the MAIN issue, but other issues I’m having are that I can’t seem to get cron to successfully open PiClock upon reboot. Raspbian will load normally and then I get a popup message saying ‘PiClock is starting’…after that…nothing.

Thank you to anybody who is willing to help me!

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