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CPU cooling, Gauging interest.

Fri May 26, 2017 2:46 pm

Hi Gals,
I'm not usually one for posting on the forum, I read a lot but am quite quiet. aaanyhoo...
I've had a PI3 for...well... since they came out. I was receiving a lot of power supply alerts running the pi because I was only using a 1.5amp power supply. I lived with it for a while but recently I thought I would get the proper Pi3 power supply. The problem is that instead of low voltage throttling I was now getting temperature throttling (sigh).
so in search of stability I purchased heat-sinks for the Pi, although this helps it wasn't good enough to solve the problem on it's own.
So I managed to source a really tiny 5v fan that mounts on top of the heat-sink and fits inside the standard Pi3 case. This solved the thermal problem once and for all, but the only problem is that being so tiny to move the air the fan was turning at 45000RPM which makes a lot of noise in a little space. a noise I wasn't prepared to put up with as my Pi sits on my desk as a secondary desktop.

So I went about designing a CPU fan control solution for the Pi, which did turn out to be a lot more complicated than I thought. But the hardware & software solution I came up with simple, tiny and cheap as chips to build. I would like to take the cooler further, like put the hardware into a tiny hat/board of some kind and the code for the fan is just in python (should it be in something else, C maybe???). The solution works really well for me and has been running for months without failure. I'm happy with it as is, but the hardware could be improved and the software could be polished.

This was my first real project with the pi & Linux and as such I'm a little inexperienced in how to progress it, or even if there is any interest from the community in having a solution to this as it may not be a problem for anyone but me.

(just putting my 'big head' hat on)
Also, if I was to progress it I would want to release it openly/free to the community, but if some commercial entity was to pick it up and start selling it (not saying anyone would) I wouldn't mind making a bit of a bitcoin or two (not for profit)? Are there licencing solutions for this? whats the best way to handle it? I'm bit of a noob at this.

TLDR, Built a CPU fan controller, would like to release it to the community, Is there any interest & how do I protect myself?

I'm just after advice really?


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