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Pleasantly Surprise with the Raspberry Pi

Wed May 17, 2017 4:37 pm

I have to say after all these years in building regular size computers that I thought I couldn't be surprised any more. I was wrong for the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Camera has surprise me with how easy it is to set up, use and configure. I'm also starting to learn a little bit of linux in the process that is an additional benefit and understanding how a computer really works. I'm one step further in reaching my goal of setting up a camera that will monitor my bird feeder.

I just want to add something else that was in another thread, if you have an older PI just don't boot to the gui just boot to the command line. Though I bought the latest Raspberry Pi and using the GUI is nice, it isn't that necessary to do so. This should resolve your slowness issue and if I ever get bored I might just try that with my old Raspberry Pi, but for right now I working in finishing my project.
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Re: Pleasantly Surprise with the Raspberry Pi

Wed May 17, 2017 7:36 pm

Learning some Linux, and learning some Python here. Bonus, bonus. =)

I have to A+'s with sense hats attached that I run headless. Once I have them all setup the way I want them, I set them to boot to the command line. For the very reasons you mention, faster boot up, and less resources to hog their speed. If I need to go back to the desktop for something I just run sudo raspi-config. Using Raspbian Lite would just complicate things for me. Booting to command line gives me the best of both worlds. ;)

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