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Australia stock - Farnell / Element 14

Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:40 am

was just browsing Element 14 and noticed the Pi's are IN STOCK! ... PR-2081185

there were 700 in stock when I ordered, 690 now!
that'll save me waiting a couple more months for my RS order to arrive :-)

Good luck :-)

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Re: Australia stock - Farnell / Element 14

Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:17 am

Element14 Australia are Fantastic ! It should arrive within 7 working days.

(I ordered mine and just missed out on stock levels.. they quoted approx 3 weeks....
It arrived at the end of the 2nd Week :D )

Been waiting for the Original Ordered Pi from RS for 10 Weeks now ... and got the email it will take up to another 9 Weeks. Will never deal with RS ever again.

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Re: Australia stock - Farnell / Element 14

Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:46 am

Thanks for the link to that.

Been waiting about 10 weeks as well. I've given up. Just sent in the form to cancel my order, I'll buy from E14 instead.

Also won't be dealing with the R-Pi side of RS again. I'll source things elsewhere from now on. This whole thing has been pathetic.

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Re: Australia stock - Farnell / Element 14

Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:38 am

Yes I too have benefitted from the Farnell/Element 14
experience ( Oh what a feeling ! ).

I just ordered my R Pi B v2 from element 14 in Australia
last Tuesday and they delivered my Pi B the next day
( coast to coast from Chester NSW to Perth Western Australia)
which was in good working order ( I Love my Pi B ).
Element 14 are technically proficient, polite, organised
and efficient and they follow up on their orders
to make sure the customer is happy.

It seems kind of like they sent my Pi B
through some kind of einstein-rosen bridge
( a worm hole or a stargate ) it got here so fast.
Then you have the RS system ( snail mail
with no come back and hung out to dry syndrome)
where you wait over 6 months and then still get no

Pathetic is the word and I will be reluctant to do any online
business with RS in future if they don't change their game.

We have some old local terminology relating to RS
in Australia
( something to do with rats but I won't go there).

Glad you guys and others are at least now getting some




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Re: Australia stock - Farnell / Element 14

Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:46 am

Yes, old thread, but for anyone else ordering based on this thread...

Element 14:
I'm in Western Australia, so ordered via the AU site, stock on hand, awesome.
Received e-mail confirmation from Element 14 they would process my order in 2 weeks! :(
Week or so later it was 'processed' and confirmed as shipping ETA of couple of months!! :(
I phoned but apparently once the order was placed it was too late and general run around re website orders.

Ordered online, was a few weeks, but as listed and expected.

WA store now holds local stock, around half dozen, but restocks regularly.
NB: If you dial their generic call centre number they will confirm stock in WA, which may not be available (sits in boxes in the warehouse for a day or two until unpacked and shelved)
If you pay and order in-store, they will order another from their warehouse and call when it arrives and is unpacked. Stock unboxed in the meantime goes on the shelf and you're not called :(
Inefficient for the customer but you can work around it once you know the process...

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Raspberry Pi Engineer & Forum Moderator
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Re: Australia stock - Farnell / Element 14

Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:29 am

Amazing. They are making 12k of these a week. You would have thought 2 month delivery was a thing of the past. It's pretty much next day here in the UK, and the States I believe.
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Re: Australia stock - Farnell / Element 14

Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:33 am

I'm in NZ and buy mine from element14 in Australia. I ordered 2 last week (with cameras) and they arrived 40hours after the order was placed.
I'm waiting on a noir cam but that is ex-UK.. estimated 8 days delivery.
since the initial run on pi's last year, service and delivery from E14 has been nothing short of excellent.. free delivery and pi price is only getting lower. A far cry from RS, where I paid twice the price and waited 10 weeks..

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