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Thank You

Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:15 pm

I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this post, or if there even is one... but I just managed to get my Raspberry Pi to install Rasbmc and play a video file flawlessly with audio.

I want to thank everyone who has unknowingly been involved in my learning process - everyone who has been answering questions in the forums and everyone who has asked all the stupid, beginner, questions before I had a chance!
It's been a long road since my Raspberry Pi arrived and I was using an old 2GB SD card that threw screens and screen of errors on boot - which I thought were normal :/ Back then I thohgt the Pi was a sluggish, terrible, awkward little thing, but it was amazingly rewarding to make it do little things, the first time I got it to play an mp3 was a big milestone!
So since then I understand Linux a lot better (I played with Ubuntu on my pc about 5 years ago and put it aside) and after getting a new SD card I've discovered that the Pi is a lot less sluggish than I thought. Yes it'll never be a flying machine, but for £30 - if all I ever do is play videos on it it's cheaper than a DVD player with a USB socket so I'm very happy with it.

I think I'm rambling on, so I'll wrap up with a second thanks to everyone who has been helping n00bs like me here, and to Eben and Liz and the others who made the Pi happen, and last but not least to the authors and the work that went into the User guide which I got for my Kindle today. I devoured the book and it pointed me in the right direction in some ways, and confirmed I was doing the right thing in other places where I wasn't sure.

And while I could easily be happy with a tidy little media player, I'm hoping to move on to a bit of programming, maybe controlling some LEDs once I get to grips with Python (I'm an experienced programmer by trade) and moving onto a sexy little robot arm.

Anyway, ramble over, and thanks :)

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Re: Thank You

Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:19 pm

I too am delighted by what the Foundation has done. I have a small webserver that I can access from anywhere in th world, running on a very cheap Raspberry Pi. I'm absolutely delighted :D
David Hardingham

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