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SiriusHardware wrote: wrote:
SiriusHardware wrote:Hello CPC: I have a query which might defeat even your Pi guru, although he/she has always done amazingly well in the past. Re: Your combined keyboard / touchpad:
The "Elan Microelectronics" is the chip manufacturer for the touchpad unfortunately they do not provide any specific linux drivers. There is a way to disable the double click function on the touchpad or "mouse" using xinput.
Please refer to the link below for further details. ... 27&t=33730

I beleive the OS loads drivers from the xorg or Evdev config files. I've tried adding the touchpad in there to load the synaptics driver but unsuccesful unfortunately.

I'll keep playing and hopefully get it working :D
Thanks for looking into it, although the thread you've posted a link to is actually ... my thread :-). I can't get my head around how to use xinput to solve the problem yet, although I haven't given up hope that I might be able to work it out. From my investigations earlier Raspbian does seem to use the evdev driver for the keypad/touchpad combo. Incidentally, I also have a PC running Debian, which is obviously very similar to Raspbian, and I plugged it into that - same result, it is recognised as a keyboard and basic mouse only, so touchpad specific configuration options do not appear in the expected places.

This is getting a little bit beyond the level of what we can reasonably ask you to do for us here in this thread, but if you do happen to have any brainwaves on the matter I'd appreciate it if you could add anything you do find to the end of that 'Turn Off Tap To Click' thread you pointed to.

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tpconfig --tapmode=0 -d /dev/input/mouse0

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