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------- Javascript Slideshow - (Emergency) - ----

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:38 pm
by biwa7636
Dear Guys,
Here is a urgent mission that I hope to get some help from Pi forum.
I am building a dashboard using RaspberryPi, and right now, I run into a area(web design) that i have no idea how to do that:
I have some html files in a folder that i want to diplay like a slide show periodicly.
I think the easiest way might be wrote a index page and wrote some javascript to open the subpages(the html files that I want to show) periodically. But I really don't know how hard it gonna be and how much time it gonna take to do that using javascript.
Any help is appreciated and detail explanation or reference of how to do that gonna be perfect!
Omnipotant Pi me !