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Raspberry Pi and 24LC256

Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:11 pm

Just starting in on the i2c protocol and all ready having issues. My goal in the end is to use a PICAXE as a ADC for a project I'm working on but thought I'd start with using an EEPROM chip 24LC256 just as an intro to i2c. I'm referring to this topic (post #14) on the PICAXE forums but when I read back the data, all I get is a value of 255. I've even changed line 8 from "data = loc + 65" to "data = 1". I still read back a value of 255. What am I missing here?

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from smbus import SMBus
import time

bus = SMBus(1)       #for pi rev 2
adr = 0x50

for loc in range 5:
    data = loc + 65
    ch = bus.read_byte_data(adr,loc)
    print ch

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