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Pi 3 + Raspbian + Owncloud + Kodi + external drive

Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:17 pm

Hi All,

I'm very new at this and really mostly just know how to follow instructions and get into trouble. But I love computers and have decided that I'm going to achieve this project as best as I can before I let myself give up and just use my pi to play Link to the Past a few more times.

So the idea is this:
Pi 3 with Raspbian
Make it an Owncloud server with a url that I can access remotely. This would be for storage, backup, access to stuff etc.
Install Kodi and use it to manage music, movies, tv I own
External hard drive that Kodi and owncloud are accessing at the same time

So here's how far I've gotten.
- Raspbian is installed
- Owncloud software is installed but I haven't been able to set it up with my url yet. I know I can figure that out, I just got distracted by retropie.
- Kodi is installed
- I have a properly formatted external drive

Here's the problem:
How do I mount the drive. Then, how do I mount it so that I can drop files on it from somewhere else and still have my family be able to watch a movie on kodi at the same time.

Has anyone else out there done this project or something similar?

I feel like I'm not asking to much of the device or the software, but I haven't used linux since 2006 and I seem to have forgotten everything.
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Re: Pi 3 + Raspbian + Owncloud + Kodi + external drive

Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:28 pm


Here's some advice for mounting the drive and ensuring its mounted after each boot: ... pi-raspian

To transfer files to the HDD from the network, you can use Rsync or set-up an FTP server.

Regarding watching a video and uploading at the same time, you may encounter issues as the usb and network all both on the same controller - try it and see. Solution could be to get another pi as a server (B+ would be fine) and then use the pi3 as a kodi box.

As an aside I've been trying to find a good "home" cloud and have tried btsync, owncloud and pydio - none have quite been as good as dropbox/drive so far anyhow.
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Re: Pi 3 + Raspbian + Owncloud + Kodi + external drive

Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:33 pm

So I took your advice and scrapped the cloud out of this project. Now I have a tb external a pi3 running xbmc and about 600gb of music, movies and pictures.

The next thing I want is to put all of it in a case but I'm running into a few bumps. First, I had hoped to power the whole thing from the usb on my tv but it isn't enough power to run the pi and the external. Seeing as this is probably going to be always on I want to cool it. So Here's my dilemma.

I've decided to build a case out of legos and put a cpu fan in it, which should be simple enough. But where should I put the fan? Over the pi or over the drive or somewhere in between. I haven't done any real heat tests but to the touch the pi and drive seem to get about the same amount of warm. Neither get really hot but with both inside a case I'm concerned.

So if you were going to put a pi 3 and an external hard drive (which is 12.2cm x 8.1cm) inside a lego case, what steps would you take to cool it and is just sticking a cpu fan indiscriminately in the top of the case enough?
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Re: Pi 3 + Raspbian + Owncloud + Kodi + external drive

Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:34 am

Owncloud has an 'External Storage' app - look in admin under unused apps.

Enable that and then simply map a share to owncloud.

In my setup I have a Pi3 running owncloud a Pi2 as a database server and a Pi2 as OSMC.

The database server also contains my personal file space and all of my media, Kodi has a link to the media files (System -> File Manager) via an SMB share.
Owncloud (version 9) has a link to my file space on the database server via my SMB share using the 'External Storage' app

It all works fine :)

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