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Re: Minor improvements for a model C

Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:31 pm

techpaul wrote: I dont know when you last went to a school but from primary up they mainly have interactive whiteboards with projectors run from the teachers laptop/computer.
I see that you're writing from Great Britain. I'm writing from Italy, school maintenance is awfully underfunded, so happens that in some schools have electronic white boards, video projectors and all the nine yards of mulimedia systems, other schools are lucky to have chalks and black boards.

I went to a school a couple of years ago to follow an evening course to improve my English(*). The computers that were used came from a bank that sold them for a token price because were all five tear old pentium IV with CRT that were too old to be used by the tellers. The cabling wasn't structured but was made using zip ties and gaffer taper and a couple of ethernet switches tucked behind a cupboard.

You could guess what inspired my use case.

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Re: Minor improvements for a model C

Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:10 pm

itimpi wrote:The big problem with including any sort of Bios chip is that it would likely require some significant redesign of the board - as well as the cost of the extra components. Still it cannot hurt to float such ideas.
Err, no! I wouldn't have mentioned the possibility if it wasn't feasible to do it without significant redesigns, and for minimal cost (for a few dimes).
The trick is to use an SPI EEPROM, which are very small and cheap.

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