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Farnell shipping is the Best :)

Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:37 am

I ordered my raspberry pi with farnell on the 30th july. I emailed farnell to ask them when it would be dispatched. They replied saying that it would be dispatched sometime this week. I thought that was fast!. But then to find out when I checked my email a few hours later it said that it was dispatched. I was very happy. :D . I had originally ordered from RS Components but because they were taking soooo long to dispatch I cancelled my order. The only reason I ordered from RS Components was because they accepted PayPal as a Payment Method. Farnell has a much better website layout which is more user friendly. Even though Farnell did not accept PayPal as a Payment method it was still worth ordering from them. Overall Farnell is the cheapest, quickest and most convenient. The price for the raspberry pi from Farnell is £29.46 and from RS Components it is £30.87. A whopping difference of £1.41. I hope this helped other people purchasing the raspberry pi to decide which company to use. Thank You :D

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