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Raspberry pi 2 Kodi

Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:23 am

Hey guys i just recently got a raspberry pi 2 and i love it!!
anyways i noticed my sd card i loaded jessie on was a class 4 so today i went out an bought a sandisk extreme plus (has a speed of 95mb 633x) microssdhc UHS-I 32gb card and loaded jessie on it the reason i list the model of the new card i got is cause when i did my updates an upgrades after booting up jessie i downloaded kodi but when i booted kodi it gave me an error about some repository add on not being able to load or something an it also told me version 15.2 of kodi was out as well i ignored both at the time but what my real problem is when i try an exit kodi my screen just goes black nothing happens so i have to disconnect the power plug from my raspberry pi (which hurt me lol) in order to use it again.
my question is does the new sd card have to do anything with the screen going black?
i never had this problem with the first sd card
and also how can i update kodi to 15.2 i have 15.1

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Re: Raspberry pi 2 Kodi

Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:16 am

By thinking like an engineer you can create a raspberry pi.
Michael Jackson enthusiast.
I got the PI model B, B+ and PI 2 model B.
When will I get the A? I don't know.

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