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Sense HAT compatible case

Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:47 am

(Reposting here after deleting similar post in Projects / Cases subforum.)

I'm looking for a Sense HAT compatible case, preferably with an internal camera mount. I already have the iPhone-contoured OneNineDesign case for RPi B+ and 2, which is clearly not HAT-compatible (although it has an internal camera mount).

The PiBow Coupe and full-height cases look good and are advertised as HAT compatible. The problem is I can't buy them locally, which is a deal breaker for me as I don't have any credit card or access to foreign debit payment systems (Paypal, etc). The following RPi 2 cases, however, are available locally:

(1) Multicomp MC-RP002-CLR: The case has a camera mount. I can't find any information whether this case is HAT compatible.

(2) Official Raspberry Pi case: The case has no camera mount. The Sense HAT appears to fit inside the case with the cover on but leaves an ugly gap between the middle piece (the part directly attached to the white cover) and the base.

(3) Hitaltech 25.0410000.RMB (DIN Rail Enclosure): The case looks fat enough to fit the Sense HAT and has a transparent cover where the lens of the camera module could be taped.

Note that I don't own any of the three cases I have listed from a web search of RPi 2 compatible cases. I'd appreciate it if someone who actually owns these cases can confirm or deny their compatibility with the Sense HAT and the RPi camera module.

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