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Optimized Arch ARM img?

Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:52 pm

Will Arch for the Raspberry Pis be ever updated to have the same optimizations that Raspbian has? I will truly love to know that, for I am an Arch user and it is my preference, I don't mind using Debian but I rather have fresh to date vanilla packages. Does anyone know if someone is working on this? Will I ever have my Arch optimizations?

Thank you for any information provided :)

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Re: Optimized Arch ARM img?

Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:16 am

I guess it depends if anybody has the time/resources/enthusiasm/knowledge/patience to recompile all the Arch packages to target armhf instead of armel. Have a read of the Raspbian history ... =66&t=4256 to see what an incredible effort it takes :)

EDIT: "Standard Debian" supports armel (ARMv4 and softfloat) and armhf (ARMv7 and hardfloat). RaspberryPi has a ARMv6 CPU so Debian Squeeze for RPi (and the earlier wheezy beta) was using armel (an ARMv6 CPU can run code for ARMv4, v5, v6 but not v7). Raspbian recompiled every one of the tens of thousands of packages to target ARMv6 and hardfloat.
From a quick look at the website it looks like "Standard Arch" supports armv5 (presumably softfloat?) and armv7 (presumably hardfloat?). So Raspi-Arch is more optimised than Debian squeeze was (ARMv5 vs. ARMv4) but not as optimised as Debian Raspbian is. :ugeek: :)

And similarly the reason that Ubuntu is unavailable for the RPi is that it only targets ARMv7.

EDIT2: Forgot to search :oops: ... 53&t=10901 ... at-support

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Re: Optimized Arch ARM img?

Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:32 pm

Small linux for small pc's. Puppy is optimized for low end pc's in Raspberry's class, and has been re-compiled with Raspbian libraries see
Puppy tries to minimize writes which helps on SD both from speed and from flash memory lifetime.
There's also an Arch version
Don't know if there's a puppy Slackware version.

My pi is due Monday eve if I can get it running I'll try some of well as Raspbian etc.


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