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Re: Is Epiphany faster on Jessie?

Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:13 pm


No worries. I have no idea of "attacks". Only debating over the net with strangers.

I can imagine that JIT did not come with Java. Seems to me that all kinds of optimizations were dreamed up for interpreted languages before that. Heck neither Java or Javascript have tail call optimization yet as far as I know.

When you say "java was originally interpreted in the same way that Smalltalk was" I have to assume you mean some time before Java was actually launched onto the world by Sun. As far as I remember Java(tm) was compiled to byte codes by javac and run by a JVM since the beginning.

Javascript developments have been amazing. For example, there is a compiler for the Spin language which itself is written in C++. That compiler, transcribed by Emscripten to Javascript runs in the browser nearly as fast as the native compiled version on the same machine. As I discovered in my experiments here:http://the.linuxd.org/lab/spine.html

I am also using JS for services on servers that were originally written in C++. Turns out the JS versions are easier to maintain an enhance whilst execution speed is only a little less.

There is no going back to the complexity and restrictions of C++, C# and Java any more!
Memory in C++ is a leaky abstraction .

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