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Re: future availability

Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:16 pm

jamesh wrote:With regard to multiple order, that seem to be a premature announcement - I still don't think many will be able to buy in multiples.

As to the speed of ramp up - this is a complicated thing. It's not just manufacturing time (which takes time to organise)- you also need to factor in the time to get components, that may themselves need to be manufactured. For example, it takes between 16 and 22 WEEKS to put a new batch of chips through a chip foundry - you cannot just buy a million chips - they have to be made. Once you add all the timings like that in to the mix, you start to understand why you cannot ramp from 10k to 500k units overnight.
It's kind of ironic.... Considering that the Foundation had to negotiate with Broadcom to be allowed to buy processor chips is small quantities...like 10K at a time. Now, the problem is that production needs to be in the kind of quantities Broadcom would have wanted in the first place...

I just hope that production doesn't get badly throttled by the production ramp up needed for Christmas merchandise coming from "normal" cyclical production.

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