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USB DVD Drive Support? (Play Divx Xvid off DVD-R Discs)

Sun May 27, 2012 3:18 am

My goal is to find a device my dad can use to

1) Stream .AVI/.MKV files from his computer to his HDMI 42" TV
2) Play .AVI/MKV files directly off DVD-R discs (via USB DVD drive?)

Is #2 possible with the Pi?

The Roku looked like a good optoin, but they don't support DVD drives.

Next question, is their an easy build ready to install that is truly set it and forget it? The is for my Dad, and he's not overly technical. My skills with Linux are pretty weak but I know how to follow a guild and post questions if research fails etc. I'm hoping a build exists with Plex, and usb DVD drive support without much fuss. Is adding a USB 802.11N device pretty easy as well?

So is Plex the best media player app for him to use assuming #2 is not a show stopper above?

Please point me to the right area of this forum to read or which keywords to search for if this is already addressed. Thanks!

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Re: USB DVD Drive Support? (Play Divx Xvid off DVD-R Discs)

Sun May 27, 2012 9:55 am

I see no reason why both goals shouldn't be possible with a Pi. Only some video-codecs will be hardware-accelerated on the Pi though (H.264 and MP4 IIRC - not my area of expertise!)

At this early stage I'm not sure how "fire and forget" any of the Raspi distros will be - it's still at a very much learning and experimentation stage.

You probably want to have a look at XBMC and this forum http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=35

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