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constantly reloading

Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:33 pm

well the rasp holds alot of promise.
ive tried the official install which worked for a bit
then i had to reload my sdcard because i got a kernal error
wouldnt reload the software
i tried openelec
which worked for a while but then wouldnt start up
so i tried rc5+
which worked for a while until i shut it down then it wouldnt start again
so i reimaged it and again it worked for a number of reboots then wouldnt run again
now im getting ready to try xbian
im useing a kit i bought on ebay
it came with a 5volt ps, case, sd card, usb card reader and an hdmi cable
ive checked the ps as per instructions and everything works correctly
ive also noticed that my powered usb hub will stop the thing from booting
im using the correct sd card
i really need it to be more stable to use as an entertainment machine
i really hope someone developes a more stable version of the rasbmc with the network manager.
im not very good with linux -i know some things but not enuff to compile my own image
any thoughts on this matter?

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