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SDCARD capacity warning

Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:57 pm

I am placing this in the 'Off topic discussion' although it might be better elsewhere!
One of the frequently mentioned benefits of the Raspberry Pi is that you can always go back and get a re-flash of the OS and/or 'backup' of the previously modified and working OS .

Hence users like me have taken an image file of the SDCARD last found to be stable etc.

Most users are employing SDCARDS of higher capacity than the required 2G and the unused space can be easily recovered @ launch via the 'wheezy' OS or employing something like Gparted etc.

I have just discovered a potential problem here - not all SDCARDS are the same - I have 2 different manufactured 16G cards and having saved the image from the other day, now find that this is too big to flash the other and gave had to employ the same card instead.

Obviously, this size problem can be overcome by re-sizing etc, but plese be pre-warned in advance of it effecting you.

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