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USB 2.0 hub for PI??

Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:37 am

3 weeks gone and still waiting for my PI to arrive in the meantime I will be needing a USB hub for connecting my mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth and IDE -> USB converter.
I already own a few hubs which I have bought from Pound Land sadly they are not up to scratch for serious hubbery.
A few of them only work in 1.1 mode despite claiming to be 2.0 compliant others do not like sharing 2 or more devices which kind of defeats the purpose of having a hub in the first place.
However they are useful for forcing 1.1 compatibility mode if you have faulty flash drives or web cams that won't run at 2.0 speeds.
I guess you get what you pay for from Pound Land (shoddy electronics and lies) but what I find rather disturbing is I see the same USB hubs rebadged being sold in Maplin for 10 times the price.

Could anyone please recommend a good USB 2.0 hub (Amazon or eBay) one that's preferably powered via external supply and is certified to handle up to 4 devices without choking on throughput.

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Re: USB 2.0 hub for PI??

Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:04 pm

{sig} Setup: Original version Raspberry Pi (B, rev1, 256MB), Dell 2001FP monitor (1600x1200), 8GB Class 4 SD Card with Raspbian and XBMC, DD-WRT wireless bridge

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