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Hackable ARM Cortex-A8 DIY platform

Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:48 am


The CORE board can be take off from the baseboard, and be used as a separate CPU modules with other baseboard. It's very easy to design the baseboard for CORE, just make sure you connect the right pins to the terminal, and the stable 5V power supply for the CORE, you can build your own baseboard to meet your project requirement ! We will provide the eagle hardware lib with this CORE components, you just need to import and use it in your schematic design.

Iteaduino Plus baseboard is like a Evaluation Board of A10/A20 CORE, so it breakout many common interface out on board, includes :
  • HDMI display
    2 USB Host (Type B Femal)
    1 USH OTG (Mini USB Femal)
    1 Micro-SD slot
    1 Audio – 3.5mm Audio in and out jacks
    1 Ethernet (RJ45) - 10/100M Ethernet
    1 STAT + Power
The rest pins breakout as 2.54mm female headers on board, can be use as GPIO or multiplexing function. An 26pins breakout interface can be used with our RPI adapter cable, and connect with some ITEAD modules, like GSM module, NFC module. There are 4 electronic brick header on board, you can use them to connect to ITEAD electronic brick or Seeed grove module.

Now the project in indiegogo (, and we hope you can take you time to read it and share with your friend, no matter if you pledge the perk, please help us to make a word to your world that there is such a cool product is waiting for your reply ~

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Re: Hackable ARM Cortex-A8 DIY platform

Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:38 pm

That looks frickin' awesome. Imagine what the Pi would look like sprayed with matt black paint!
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Re: Hackable ARM Cortex-A8 DIY platform

Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:06 pm

$49 = £32 = 37 Euro Looks interesting.............................

Free shipping

You can get the standard package which includes:
1x Iteaduino Plus (with 1G ITEAD A10 CORE)
1x SATA cable
1x Micro USB cable
1x Micro-SD card with ITEAD OS (We customized a set of Ubuntu distribution, named ITEAD OS, for Iteaduino Plus, in which we integrated driver needed for the underlying operations and provided simple operation functions for the upper layer.)

Shipping by HK post air mail

Estimated delivery: September 2013 20 out of 50 claimed
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