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PCB Milling LinuxCNC

Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:52 pm

Ok, So I work for part of a massive group of companies. I reside deep in the R&D, innovation solutions department of the rail division in York.

ATM we prototype PCBs in an bubble etch tank, and the change of the acid is a nightmare. So I have had the great idea of going CNC. I want to lash up a hap hazard system for around a cool G (thats £1000 for anyone that inst as gangster as the electronics geek in York)

So me and my colleges have seen this ... 43bd6cae28
No i am aware that its Chinese and by reputation it will fail after a week (but with some TLC and proper maintenance i hope it will do the 1 prototype a month that we produce). I assume no one in raspberry pi world has one if you do tell me your opinion.

My main question is, Has anyone used LinuxCNC is it simple?
I assume I know what I`m talking about... I probably don`t

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Re: PCB Milling LinuxCNC

Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:06 pm

This thread has a lot of discussion about exactly that.

And a forum search for "linuxcnc" throws up 150+ matches: some hits are in the thread already referenced, but there are some others.

Good luck!
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