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Desoldering IRON's

Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:13 pm

any of you guys have experience with the S-993a?
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desoldering irons are funny, if you plan to use them more then just every now and then.... you need to be concerned with the consumables. And that is one of the large benefits of the S-993a over more expensive solutions. Heaters are $15 bucks free shipping, Tips are $7 bucks free shipping, Filters, you can use standard filters and holders from the hakko 808 and FR-300/301 always keep a spare heater and a spare tip in stock.
you never know when your drill bit will get jammed and broke inside the tip! Or that time when you go to use the iron only to realize its cold / no heat.
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Total cost of ownership and to maintain is the absolute lowest with the S-993a, i am pretty hard on my equipment i have owned the 808 and man of the fr-300's... my suggestion is to say alot of money and get the s-993a. Unless you don't care about money lol.

I bring this up because just the other day i was desodering the GPIO header on my 3B+
and thought my experience might help many of you in the community. They are only like 80-85 with shipping on the web's where as the fr-300 is like 249.00 at the cheapest. plus the heater for the fr-300 is $60+...

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Re: Desoldering IRON's

Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:37 am

Quite a comprehensive review here...

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