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Ragworm PCB - Is it still trading

Thu Jun 27, 2019 10:45 am

Hi all,

I have historically used Ragworm for the odd one-off PCB manufacture. However, the last board took an age to arrive and since then they don't see to be answering the phone.

Does anyone know if they are still trading?

I hope they are, since they seemed like a nice company!!

Does anyone know any alternative companies in the UK that do pooling like Ragworm?



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Re: Ragworm PCB - Is it still trading

Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:01 pm

Just had a 3 boards delivered on friday from them. My first time using them and last week there website went down at which point I was really suspecting if my boards would never show, plus seeing your post and the lack of activity on their twitter acount this year didn't help.

Ordered on the 24th June and they arived 5th July so just under 2 weeks (not really that bad) though my order still says it's processing on their website.

Don't think I would use them again, after a week of not hearing and their site going down I put an emergency order in with OSH park (I was a tad impatient for some boards). Their rush service and 2 day fedex shipping was more (19.14 Ragworm/28.24 OSHPark) but the automated coms from OSHPark was fantastic.

The only other UK fab I know of is PCB Train but they are about 2x the cost for 2x the lead time. Maybe I will try and use Ragworm if I'm not bothered about time.


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