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Work on open source projects … you will be paid by Google

Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:11 pm

This post is a very short note for those students (CS, EE or aquivalent) who are interested in open source and are willing to work on it.

Google Summer of Code 2019 (GSOC 2019)

General infos are here :
(and links therein, please read carefully)

List of qualified organisations 2019 is here :
(see there ideas, hurry up if you have your own idee/variation and contact the organisation to discuss the details)

BTW.: There are project-ideas involving a Raspberry Pi, so this is to a degree on-topic.

The way to go :
1 . contact the Organisation
2 . discuss one of there project ideas or your own project idee with the Organisation
3 . If accepted by the Organisation write a good proposal in colaboration with your mentor.
4 . If this proposal is acepted by Google your project idee will become a GSOC-project (and you will be paid by google for your contribution)
5 . summer of fun : … coding … coding … coding …

Timeline is here :

Good luck.

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