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Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:51 pm
by billb
Still appears to be vapor at this point, but it's a PowerPC based board that looks very similar to the RasPi. I'm left wondering a few things, like exactly what SoC will be used, how much will it cost (all I see is "under $200"), and why does their logo look so much like an Xbox power button. :P ... um=twitter ... orm-2.jpg/
Servergy Announces Linux-on-Power Enterprise Development Platform - Oct. 31, 2012

Servergy is announcing its newest product in the Servergy Power Linux Series line, an innovative Linux-on-Power development platform called "P-Cubed". The computer is an all-in powerful development board catering primarily to enterprise Linux programmers, but for educators and serious hobbyists as well. Leveraging Power Architecture (TM) in an SoC that encompasses high-end hardware, with features including multi-core with hardware virtualization, the board delivers where other development platforms fall short.

Servergy will deliver support for a broad range of Linux and Java distributions. The company will be developing a developer portal that will be open soon on its website for taking pre-orders. The portal will also aim to be a one-stop area to get to all of the documentation, binaries and developer related materials for "P-Cubed" as well as general Power-on-Linux resources.

"As a proud member of the global Linux Foundation and organizations, Servergy is committed to be an industry leader in the Hyper-Efficiency Linux-on-Power space and to helping grow a diverse global development community built on innovation, collaboration, and education is key. The overwhelmingly positive response we are getting on our new "P-Cubed" innovation platform shows that it clearly supports those objectives," said Bill Mapp, Servergy CEO.

The P-Cubed computer uses the same proven Power Architecture (TM) developed by Apple, IBM and Motorola (now Freescale), which is used by everyone from the DOD to the NASA Mars Rover to the Sony, Nintendo and X-Box gaming stations. Enterprise Linux developers can now have that same power in their own hands for developing serious enterprise applications.

Beginning today, anyone interested can send an email to requesting more information and be one of the first to get their name on the pre-order list and reserve their very own P-Cubed (TM) Power Linux development platform.
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Re: P-Cubed

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:18 am
by liz
"Under $200" means "not a competitor". That's nearly ten times the price of a Raspi. Totally different markets - and more power to their elbow, but it's not costing us sleep.

Re: P-Cubed

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:19 am
by billb
What interests me the most is that it's PowerPC-based.

There haven't been any PowerPC-based Macs since 2006 or so. The Playstation 3 uses a Cell Broadband Engine which has a PowerPC core, but Sony dropped support for OtherOS/Linux in early 2010. Would be nice to have new PowerPC hardware available at an affordable price.