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Pi Articles & News from Elsewhere

Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:46 pm

I'd like to keep this thread just of the posting of current Pi-related items from the web.
Anyone is welcome to post a 'sighting', but please start a separate thread if you want to have a longer discussion of something in particular (like I :? T, for example).

Here's another one from TechRepublic (this excerpt is atypical, but kinda funny) :

Pi-Top review: A Raspberry Pi laptop for tinkering on the go
We test out the kit that turns the $35 computer into a $300 laptop.

Most of this trepidation stems from my lack of familiarity with piecing together hardware, rather than the complexity of the assembly, which it turns out is pretty straightforward. The most fiddly aspect, for me, is tightening the miniscule 2.5mm nuts that hold the boards in place while working around the various electronic components sticking out of the board.
All told it took me about three hours to build. Your experience may vary, on the one hand I kept stopping to take photos but on the other I had already familiarised myself with the process by first dissembling the fully-built computer I took delivery of (a process which took me longer than building it). My fears of failure aren't realised, the Pi-Top fits together and, to my surprise, boots up when I hit the power button. ... -on-the-go

ps the photospread can be seen by clicking the '3 hours' line in the original story

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