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Raspberry Pi fan video

Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:42 pm

Hello lovely people!
My name is Artems, I'm a big fan of RPI and currently i'm working on fan 3d motion video.
I want to ask some questions to Raspberry Pi community.

Why do you like RPI?
Why did you choose RPI instead of other single-board computers?
For what purposes do you use your own RPI?
What is your favorite project(s) based on PRI?
Which colors reminds you about RPI or project(s) based on PRI?
Do you have any song / music / melody that associates with RPI?

I'll be very grateful for your answers.
Short answers will be enough, like:

Small form factor and not expensive computers. Large scope and community.
I bought my first RPI in 2012 and I use it till then.
Home media center, aggregator for backup scripts.
Retro consoles and arcade. Drones.
Red, green, violet, blue.
16 bit melodies )

Thank in advance.

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