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Need a programmer for a simple application

Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:35 am

I have what I think is a very simple application for a Rasberry Pi. I need to have a Rasberry pi interface to a large screen monitor and to put canned messages on the monitor in response to a small touchscreen interface, may be the 7" touchscreen that is offered for the pi. Some one touches one of the touchscreen entries and the canned message is displayed on the large screen monitor. I need to be able to connect a keyboard and enter additional messages as time goes on.

A secondary function would be for this Rasberry Pi to interface to a company network so messages could be entered remotely.

An additional function is to maintain a contact list in the Pi with cell phone numbers and email addresses. When a message is initiated via the 7" touch screen a message is displayed on the large screen monitor and a text and/or email is sent to all names associated with that touchscreen entry. There needs to be a way to manage the list of names, numbers and emails, but that could be done on a PC and then loaded into the Pi.

In summary:
1) Interface 7" touchscreen to Rasberry Pi.
2) Have a way to set up touch points/buttons on the touchscreen.
3) Have canned or "immediate messages" that can be displayed on the large monitor.
4) Send text or emails via or network to a limited list of people based on what touchscreen button is pressed.

If interested, please respond to this request. I'm located in a Pacific Time Zone (Seattle area would be a benefit).


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