HDMI cables and switch from Aldi (UK)

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by tawalker » Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:55 am
Just a "heads-up" for any UK readers with an Aldi store near them: I went into our local Aldi yesterday evening, and they have a double-pack of HDMI cables for under £3 (I didn't note the exact price, but it was something like £2.49).

The cables come in a "blister pack" - looking like the sort of item you'd find in a major electronics chain-store for many times more - and didn't look cheap (as the "pound-shop" AV cables often do). I'm not sure if this is one of their "here today, gone tomorrow" offers, so I might just snap one up while it's available - I thought this might be of interest to new RasPi owners :)

The same Aldi store is also currently selling a 3-in, 1-out HDMI switch for about £14 (I really should have noted the exact prices ;) ). Whilst you can often find these devices on Amazon for less - about £7-8 in my experience - you'd probably pay far more in one of the aforementioned high-street stores for an HDMI switch, so the Aldi one might be worth a look if you don't fancy a punt on Amazon (for whatever reason).

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by Mattylad » Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:15 pm
I spotted those but I did not buy them because I can get 1m HDMI leads for a pound each at poundland.
And they work perfectly well.

(just adding another option for people).
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