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PiParty Quiz, Manchester V Leeds V Hull V Huddersfield

Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:36 pm

Many thanks for the time taken to setup the Pi Quiz across the north.
It was good fun, plenty of methods used to get the answer.
None of us used the internet here in Hull, we did use the
I like the .33 at the end (me), and Peter Onion as I know him on here for Xenon death of flash
Which colour haven't we used yet.
And a bit of listening in on the other team, ;-)
And that damn sneaky mythic beasts.. hit the button before you read all the answers.

I know we dropped out on the last few question but hey ho.
It was fun :-)
As was the birthday bash PiJam in Hull.

Thanks again for all taking the time do make these thing happen.

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