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Raspberry Pint in London 30 Jan

Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:25 pm

We have an exciting agenda for RPi nerds. Raspberry Pint has up to now been by adults for adults and talks are usually around Intermediate to Advanced level. Having said that, everyone is welcome to join in. Feel free to bring your project is whatever state it is in. We can admire or help, sometimes at the same time!

All the details are available by Raspberry Jam notices. The next event is on 30 Jan. Agenda is as follows:

Host for the night: Richard Kirby
Location: Code Node, 10 South Pl, London EC2M 7EB

18:45 Soft Start
• Visit with other RPinters, help set up the room or otherwise prepare.
• Unstructured play-time, conversations, or skill building with other RPinters.
• Get your drinks prepared for the talks – available for purchase from the bar.

19:15 Featured Talks

• 19:15 - “Cluster Eyes” - Romilly Cocking

Romilly is back with what is bound to be an informative presentation on his Cluster Eye project. As per the picture above, he is using 2 Pi-cams with Cluster Pis for image processing – he hopes to use stereo vision to locate objects in 3D.

• 19:35 “Laserweb/CNCWeb" – Nick Reynolds

Nick Reynolds will give a practical overview of using Laserweb/CNCweb to make cheap & nasty Banggood/Aliexpress CNC machines more usable.

• 19:55 “Beyond Raspbian” - Brian Linuxing

Brian will provide a very quick introduction to some operating system alternatives for single board computers.

20:15 Adhoc Speakers – Anyone with anything to share will stand up and give a short talk. - plan on only 10 minutes/talk please. More suited to smaller, less complex projects.

20:40 Questions to the Floor – A chance to ask other RPinters for advice or get answers to questions.

21:00 Pints (or whatever)! Across the road for a Pint (Red Lion 1 Eldon Street, Moorgate, London EC2M 7LS ) or other drink of your choice.
• Technical discussions about RPis.
• Fairly random discussions on a variety of topics, not limited to techie talk.
• A reasonable selection of decent food and drink available for purchase.

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