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Music Machines & Exeter Music Hack

Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:33 am

FabLab Devon present two days of music in the FabLab

Friday 10th July Music Machines
A rare chance to hear live performances of some of Simon Belshaw's Music Machines. The works will be performed by Simon Belshaw, Julie Hill and Ruth Molins. Using a blend of contemporary and 1980s technology this is a concert of unique, experimental, electronic music not to be missed. The concert will feature Raspberry Pi computers, Casio Digital Horns and Yamaha wx midi wind controllers, Roland midi modules as well as flute and violin.

Saturday 11th July Music Hack Day
Exeter Library's FabLab is to host a Music Hack Day as part of Get Creative - a year-long celebration of British arts, culture and creativity. Get Creative aims to boost creativity in the UK, as well as celebrating the millions of people already doing something artistic and creative everyday. The event will include opportunities to build an Arduino theremin, build a basic synthesizer, an introduction to Sonic Pi on the Raspberry Pi, how to hack children's toys and a tour of Sound Gallery recording studios.

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