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Haiku ? A good fit ?

Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:55 pm

Given that BeOS was originally conceived as an OS that optimised performance on low end Pentioum machines ( and acheived it very well at the time , and that since the Haiku Project has done so much work recreating that OS with the same ethos ( plus OpenSsource ) , and put huge effort into binary compatibility with Linux I wondered if the OS would be a good fit for the Raspberry Pi ?

some mention of it was made over at the Haiku OS project

but it seems not a whole pile was done , but given the amount of bodies here with interest in sorting out a great OS for Pi is it worth investigating ?

Does the challenge of Porting Haiku to the Pi seem interesting to any of the OS Devs lurking around here ?

Are there particular reasons against it , or things that would make it a bad fit ?
Would it make a good beginner OS , or is it too far removed from Linux ?

I ran BeOs myself for a while , many years ago and liked it ( it really breathed new life into the PIII 350mhz Gateway I had at the time, and really knocked the socks off windows at the time for audio recording on that machine, and setting up a webserver was a snap ) and have downloaded Haiku VM's a few times since to see how they're progressing . It's never been a serious consideration for me though , purely because of a lack of developed applications . I'd see how really clean and efficient the OS is , but without anything to really get the value out of it , it stayed as a novelty for me .

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Re: Haiku ? A good fit ?

Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:10 am

Some code for Raspberry Pi was actually commited into Haiku CVS a few weeks back, but I would not expect a usable version anytime soon. The focus for the Haiku team should be to get a beta and eventually R1 out the door for x86, but I also agree that Raspberry Pi and Haiku would be a very nice match.


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