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Qt Extended(Qtopia) Like distros

Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:49 pm

I have been looking at Qtopia(Qt Extended) for a project since it gives a smartphone/Tablet like OS but gives Unix functionality to a certain point, but I notice it hasn't been supported for a few years now, so essentially my question is, what other Qtopia/QT Extended like OSes are there out there?

As for an explaination why I am asking this question, firstly I am making a tablet, I am going to slice a Harry Potter(Because it is the only book big enough and the only one that I am willing to kill) Mount a screen in the book, and have a compartment under where I can store the Pi and power. But I would like to find a nice Tablet OS(Don't you dare say android! It's not I have anything against android, it sure beats iOS, but I don't want to limit my Pi) That can be created for but that gives an nice interface rather than the classic Linux one which may not work as well on an Pi with a touchscreen, simply because it's a smaller screen and other such logistical problems. Well now you have either read the full post or have gotten sick of me and skipped to the end, so please post your ideas.
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