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FullPageOS 0.10.0 production release available for download

Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:13 pm

Kiosk mode Raspbian-Chromium solution out of the box. Use FullPageOS to display any URL in full screen without a hassle. Simple define your wifi and URL and your kiosk device is ready.

Supported hardware: ARMv7 Raspberry Pi computers. Specifically, we are targeting Raspberry Pi 3 A+ and B+ with this release.

We have included 2 variants of Chromium for best performance in different scenarios:
  • Variant 1: with GPU acceleration
  • Variant 2: without GPU acceleration
For large amounts of screens, we will soon release a new browser you can easily control from the cloud.

Read more and download on our website http://bit.ly/2J232jP

Kind regards,
Tailor VJ

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