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EasyOS 1.0.2 64-bit for the Pi

Sun Jan 27, 2019 1:52 am

I created the first build of EasyOS for the Pi in September 2018, but didn't announce it on this forum.

Now at version 1.0.2 and many improvements. See blog announcement and download link here: ... ry-pi.html

What does need to be understood is that everything is compiled from source, using 'oe-quirky-src' (a fork of OpenEmbedded), as generic aarch64, no Pi-particular configuration. So no hardware acceleration, though we could look at bolting it on.

The same code is intended to be used for other boards, and I will probably do the Rock64 board next, as I have one.

Anyway, EasyOS is very different from the other distros and you should find it to be an interesting experience. Feedback welcome, especially if you can improve how it runs on the Pi.

Note, I have only tested on a Pi3 Model B (v1.2, 2015).

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