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Updating a Riscos installation in Pi3

Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:27 am

Hi all!

I had an installation of RISCOS for my Pi3 (that I struggled to put together ) that works OK. I thought to update it. I took the latest nightly riscos.img and overwritten the existing one in my SD (in the FAT area).
Unfortunately it booted to a 640*480 screen that I had no menas to change in 1080p since the list of monitors was containing very old models. Even changing to an intermediate resolution I was getting an error that changes could not be saved.

Is there a more correct way to update my RISCOS installation?

I tried a new installation using the RC15 that claims to be Pi3 booted NOOBS but I never booted RISCOS :(

Thanx you!

PS1:And while I am here...I cannot understand the download of files in NetSurf. A pop up with a progress bar pops up and when it finishes and stays there. If I attempt to close the pop up window, I get a message saying that downloads are still running, am I sure I want to quit.

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Re: Updating a Riscos installation in Pi3

Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:20 pm

The best way to update your Pi3 if you haven’t got system disc is to download a complete new Image and write it to a new SDXC card but the image is only 2Gb, but this will give you a working copy with all the required files in place.
The system uses EDID to set your monitor up see this page ... %20OS%20Pi
I would recommend !Systemdisc to create a new larger sd card you can get this from here ... duct_id=73 It’s well worth the £15

Netsurf will download the file then you have to drag & drop the file to any filer window or drive icon to finish the save.

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