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Confirmation wanted: package.provided kills glibc

Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:48 pm

Dear all,

just wanted to share something with you. I've installed gentoo on a raspberry pi3. The beginning was a chrooted/crossdev environment on my PC and I copied the stuff over to an harddisk which worked quit fine.

After "emerge - ing" some stuff I've followed the given recommendation and did a "emerge --depclean". Unfortunately I did not look at the output, cause other things kept me busy. Later on I was astonished about the messages

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su - cannot determine your username
and about emerge complaining that the portage group/user was missing .... That was weird, because /etc/passwd and /etc/group had the corresponding entries .... later on I found that "/usr/bin/locale" was missing, too .... Since this command belongs to glibc I was really amazed, no glibc anymore ? emerge --depclean should not have killed it ....

Well it did ... In the crossdev-environment a file called packages.provided resides in the profile directory which was copied over to my hdd.
According to "man portage" packages mentioned in this file will be deleted when issuing "emerge --depclean" ..... there you go glibc was gone and /etc/passwd, /etc/group were ignored .....

I'm almost convinced that this caused my problem. But I would be really happy if some expert can confirm this .... ;-)

have fun,


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