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Receiving unsolicited data from USB modem

Tue May 27, 2014 7:17 pm


I want to listen to unsolicited data from an USB 3G modem (Option GlobeTrotter 7.2, hso driver) to receive SMS without polling.

I'm on Arch Linux with latest (3.12.20-3-ARCH) kernel from official repo.

It's easy, all you have to do is :
  1. Connect to the Application (wappX) port
  • Enter PIN code if needed :

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  • Switch to TEXT mode (if you don't do this, SMS will be displayed is encoded form) :

    Code: Select all

  • Activate unsolicited result codes :

    Code: Select all

  • Sends SMS to your modem
  • You should see notifications beginning with :

    Code: Select all

    +CMT : 
This works fine under Windows with Putty, TeraTerm or HyperTerminal.
On the Pi... Nothing.
All ports except Modem (wmodem0) won't connect.

Do anyone knows how to enable this?
Is this a kernel or driver problem?
Could somebody test this on Raspbian?

All the commands above should work for any SMS compatible modem.

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Re: Receiving unsolicited data from USB modem

Wed May 28, 2014 3:38 am

I take it you want to receive data with the modem, not from the modem, right? Subject and content of your message are a bit confusing.

I don't know if 3G modems work differently than dialup, but I know that before my USB dialup modem can receive any data (like phone calls coming in) it has to be set in receive mode.

that sort of thing might be automated in windows, but not in linux. does your application put the modem into receive mode? when I start my caller-id program, I see the lights on my modem flash as it prepares to recieve data. May or not be relevant to your situation.

It also is not clear what you mean by "all ports except modem won't connect". Are you saying the modem connects to something and nothing else does?

Some folks use minicom to test modem interfaces. Do you already use the modem to do other stuff with your pi, or is this the first attempt to do anything on the Pi with it?

There could be a configuration file where you have to tell the program the proper device name for the modem, which might be different than what is standard. If you have logging enabled, you should be able to confirm the device name in /var/log/everything.log when it gets attached to the Pi.
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