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No Wireless after pacman system update.

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:17 am
by naftaism
Hi guys, first of all, i'm italian, and maybe my english will be not correct at all!

My problem is:
I have a wireless connection on my raspberry pi, what is auto enabled on system start by netctl, whit the profile created using wifi-menu.
The same is for the other one: a wired lan.

All was working perfect, but after a full system update, done whit "pacman -Syu", i can still connect to the wired connection, but no wireless seem to work.
Googling for it i can read: "it's a problem whit the new firmware", "unplugging ethernet cable will make wireless works again", and other things like this. I connect directly to my raspberry using ssh, and i don't have a monitor to test the wireless whit eth0 down...

I don't know what is the real problem, i tryed a system downgrade using the old packages in the pkg cache... Someone whit the same problem? Maybe you can suggest a solution? I'm stuck on it because i need to install some things what can't be installed whitout system update...

In the log i can see some packages upgraded like: iw-3.11-1-armv6h and netctl-1.4-2-any... maybe the problem is inside the "new" configuration? Ask to me for more info if you need, to help me to find a solution, like logs and outputs...

Edit 2:
Another thing what i can see in the update process:

Code: Select all

warning: /etc/sysctl.conf saved as /etc/sysctl.conf.pacsave
(133/150) upgrading procps-ng                      [######################] 100%

==> The file /etc/sysctl.conf has been removed from this
==> package, as all its settings are now kernel defaults.

==> If you had customized it, you need to rename it as
==> /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf since from version 207 on
==> systemd only applies settings from /etc/sysctl.d/* .
Edit 3:
I found a monitor, now: unplugging ethernet cable, and disabling the netctl profile for wired connection, the wireless works again...
How i can make those 2 connection works togheter again?

Re: No Wireless after pacman system update.

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:34 pm
by DougieLawson
Remove ifplugd from your system, if that pile of cr** is installed.

Re: No Wireless after pacman system update.

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:03 pm
by naftaism
Uninstall ifplug/ifplugd nothing change! Ty for reply
I tryed to change priority editing profiles manually but problem still remain...

Re: No Wireless after pacman system update.

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:43 pm
by sdjf
Remember to sync and reboot after installing/uninstalling package, that might make a difference.

If you want both ethernet and wireless to work, they each need to be on a separate network, at least I think that is the case. What shows as output of route and ifconfig commands run with the two different configurations?

Re: No Wireless after pacman system update.

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:31 am
by pepedog
It might be best to post this problem here